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7.5X5 Conical

8X5 Conical XL

6.7X5 Extra Mini

7.2X5 Mini

8X4.5 Slim

8X5 Street


7.75x5.75 60D Street Special



6.8 Mini Conical                       8x4.75 NuStreet                           8.3x5.5 Big Bowl

95A-100A Urethane Is a limited edition urethane slightly softer than the standard 105A.  Slightly more grip and squeak.
105A Urethane is somewhat hard and grippy with great squeak.  It is close to 65D.
60D Urethane is a softer transparent urethane with more grip and squeak.  It's a limited special wheel that requires a special shape to lock the bearing tight.
70D Urethane is a hard urethane plastic.  Less grip and some squeak.


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