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  Redemption Fingerboards was created in early 2009 with a goal to create high quality miniature skateboards.  Jordan Green, owner, started skateboarding and fingerboarding in 2000.


  Quality and progression are two things that are really important to us.  It's our goal to keep producing some of the best decks in the world.


 Our Decks are made from 5 plys of Canadian Maple/exotic veneers.  We use the best glue for deck making to do more than just bond the wood, it penetrates the veneer layers interlocking them together.  To produce consistent decks, we rely on a combination of machines and handwork. Great decks can not be made solely using one system or the other.  While the shaping/drilling is done by machine, sanding and final touches are done by hand.  Lacquer is applied, then sanded down to smooth boards and is then repeated until the decks are totally sleek.

  Thanks for taking an interest in Redemption Fingerboards!


  Redemption is the first brand to officially create a wooden handboard complete with bearing wheels, soft tape and single axle trucks.  This project has taken many years but in 2017 complete handboards were finally available.  We strive to continue pushing the limits of creativity and form.

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